Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Protest to US Navy for Incorrect use of Terminology for the Persian Gulf

Kaveh Farrokh[+]

The “A” section of the US Navy Style Guide.

Dear Secretary Gates,
This letter has been drafted to protest against the US Navy’s decision to rename the Persian Gulf by another historically and legally non-recognized name in its Official style guide.

The “P” section of the US Navy Style Guide instructs that:

Persian Gulf - use Ar…n Gulf. “Gulf” is acceptable in second reference. Note: The Arabian Sea is its own body of water and should not be confused with references to the Ar….n Gulf.

Saudi Arabian map of 1955 which displays the correct name of the Persian Gulf. Attempts to revise the name of the Persian Gulf are based on political motives.

Your decision is in direct violation of the directives and decisions of the United Nations. Kindly note the Editorial Directive (ST/CS/SER.A/29/Add.2) issued by the Office of the Secretariat of the United Nations on August 18, 1994 regarding UN Editorial Directive ST/CS-SER.A/29 – the scan of the original socument has been inserted in this document further below for your reference.
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